Đón khách – Greeting


Khai mạc chương trình – Opening

Giới thiệu Chương trình Saigon Times CSR 2023 – Introducing the Saigon Times CSR 2023 program

Tọa đàm “Phát triển bền vững và xa hơn”

Seminar “Sustainability and beyond”

Vinh danh, trao chứng nhận cho các doanh nghiệp tham gia Saigon Times CSR 2023

Presenting certificates of recognition to the businesses participating in the Saigon Times CSR 2023 program

Vinh danh, trao chứng nhận cho các doanh nghiệp 5 năm tham gia Saigon Times CSR

Presenting certificates of recognition to the businesses participating in the Saigon Times CSR for five years

Tặng hoa và thư cám ơn cho các đơn vị đồng hành chương trình Saigon Times CSR 2023

Giving flowers and thank-you letters to sponsors of the Saigon Times CSR 2023 program

Tiệc trưa – Luncheon

Kết thúc chương trình – Closing





Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are enterprises’ business morality commitments and their contributions to socioeconomic development and environmental protection.


Meeting the society’s
demands, improving
social welfare,
and ensuring the
existence and
development of


Fulfilling legal
commitments to the
relevant stakeholders,
including shareholders,
consumers and
families of laborers.


Behaviors and
activities that the
society expects from
enterprises and that
are not regulated
by law.


Conducting activities
showing the desire
to contribute to the
community and the


CSR 2023

May - November 2023

Promoting CSR activities
of the participating

November 2023

Publishing the Saigon
Times CSR 2023

November 15, 2023

Saigon Times CSR 2023
Merit Ceremony
& Seminar
“Sustainability and Beyond”


Promoting CSR activities of the participating enterprises (May - November 2023)

• Stories about CSR activities of the participating businesses will be published in the Saigon Times Group’s publications in forms such as articles, videos, infographics and longform.
• Interested businesses should send their CSR stories or information to
• Your CSR stories will appear on our news websites at and

Publishing the Saigon Times CSR 2023 supplement
November 2023

• Encouraging the community spirit
• Establishing the CSR community to honor and promote activities of enterprises in Vietnam


Stakeholders in Sustainability

• The environment is the first thing that crosses our mind when it comes to sustainability discussions. It reminds us of climate change, renewable energy and biodiversity. But the reference shapes a misguided perception of the human factor as a non-essential component of sustainable development. Instead, “People” serve as one of the three pillars in the 3P model of sustainability, in addition to “Planet” and “Profit”.
• The 3Ps are closely related to the aspects of society, the environment and economy, or a trendy framework of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). In this regard, the social factor seems to receive less attention, if not the least, in omparison to the public’s emphasis on the notions of “the environment” and “economy” in ustainable efforts.
• In reality, however, addressing environmental concerns requires a people-centric approach that takes into account all relevant factors. More importantly, the pathway toward sustainable growth should be a multifaceted, comprehensive endeavor that needs the participation of the community as a whole


Stakeholders in Sustainability

• This was exactly what we strived for during the Saigon Times CSR program last year, as we worked to support companies in their social responsibility efforts, notably in education, healthcare and climate change.
• In 2023, the Saigon Times CSR program will come under the theme “Sustainability and Beyond” as we once again advocate the movement toward sustainability with the goal of putting people at the center of any solution. “No one is left behind” in our journey.
• A seminar themed “Stakeholders in Sustainability” will be held as part of the Saigon Times CSR 2023 program to address the human factor in sustainable development. The discussions will focus on the letter S, which stands for “social” in the key pillars that comprise the ESG framework


Stakeholders in Sustainability

• The panelists will give insights into the impacts of business operations on individuals and communities, and explore ways to make sure no one will be left behind as society moves toward sustainable growth.
• The seminar will be structured as follows. The first section will focus on inspiring stories and recommendations for the long-term growth of human resources in businesses. The second section will shed light on corporate responsibility to the employees of business partners within supply chains.
• Meanwhile, the third section will delve into corporate responsibility to the clients, whereas the last section will focus on corporate responsibility to the local community.



President, Keppel’s Real Estate Division (Vietnam)


General Director of Acecook Vietnam


Sustainability Director of DUYTAN Recycling

Mr. John Ditty

Managing Partner, KPMG Vietnam


General Director of i.Value Corporation,
Member of the Management Board
of Startup Vietnam Foundation (SVF)




For many companies, sustainability is of paramount importance in business. Keppel Land is among them. In line with Keppel’s Vision 2030, while pursuing various corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, the property developer has wholeheartedly committed itself to environmental protection and solutions to climate change

For policymakers, sustainability is a long-term goal, a vision to make the economy more stable and resilient to achieve a more competitive edge in the years to come. For the business community, while many enterprises are mulling or making investment in this cause to adapt themselves to the inevitable trend, many others are eyeing sustainability as a remote choice, or a decorative term only. It is because of the high cost as well as the multiple difficulties associated with the transformation from a linear approach to a circular one.

Being a relatively young enterprise in the local real estate sector, Masterise Group has risen into a giant in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. Its CSR programs have been conducted in a systematic manner with specific plans and purposes for beneficiaries.

As one of the world’s most famous brands, Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam Limited, or Coca-Cola Vietnam, has been present in the country since 1994. The beverage company is striving to run its factories in HCMC, Danang and Hanoi with the production lines matching the firm’s sustainable development strategy.

BASF, one of the world’s leading chemical companies, has been active in a range of social engagement programs to provide the community with the improved quality of life. The company has actively integrated environmental protection and social responsibility into its business strategy, especially in helping the community familiarize themselves with scientific issues.

Siberian Wellness, a Russia-headquartered manufacturer of health and beauty products using natural ingredients, has made a long-term commitment to protecting the planet. The company is striving to demonstrate the commitment, by not only protecting the environment but also proactively coming up with initiatives and projects to restore, preserve and develop the environment on a large scale. Such efforts are made apparent via environmental protection activities by Siberian Wellness in Vietnam.

It is not classified as a social enterprise, but Duy Tan Recycle can assert its position among the most socially enterprising companies in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR), especially when it comes to environmental protection. The reason is simple: its main scope of business is to collect and recycle plastic waste.

As a food processing company, what Acecook Vietnam could do the straightforward way to the community in its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, needless to say, is to donate its products to the poor. It is doing this, but in an in-depth manner to create long-lasting benefits for society.

For Binh Minh Plastic, nurturing the spirit of sharing and showing compassion for the underprivileged, especially those living in poverty-stricken localities or suffering from natural calamities, are regular corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. The company has for years quietly conducted philanthropist programs to soothe people’s sufferings.

Since its establishment 27 years ago, Procter & Gamble Vietnam has always accompanied the local community in various respects, from education, healthcare and gender equality to talent nurturing and microfinance for poor people.

This November will witness some 1,000 people joining a mini-marathon to raise funds for a program known as “Incubating the Green Bud”, which is the third edition to be organized by Digiworld for a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program to benefit the community in various dimensions. Through its CSR program, Digiworld also expects to raise public awareness on nurturing young talents as green buds – figuratively – for the future development, and to boost green coverage for the land, literally.

For a cement manufacturer, it is by no means unfamiliar when choosing a brand philosophy to be “Build for life”. However, at INSEE Vietnam, whose cement factory is located in Kien Luong District, Kien Giang Province, the implications behind this brand philosophy are quite significant: helping build a community where living is more worthwhile.

With the vision of becoming the most trusted insurance company in Vietnam and the mission of providing services and solutions for life, Hanwha Life Vietnam Insurance Company Limited (Hanwha Life Vietnam) has committed to enabling social, economic, and environmental prosperity by implementing multiple corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities during more than 14 years of operation in Vietnam.

Since its inception in 2011, PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer JSC (PVCFC) has seen fulfilment in both business and community activities. Pursuing its philosophy of sharing and giving back to society for the betterment of all walks of life, the local fertilizer producer has implemented a variety of social programs to benefit needy people and create positive values for society over the past 11 years.

Over the past 30 years, Nam A Bank is one of the pioneers in humane corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. The bank has conducted hundreds of community supporting programs and projects nationwide, thus spreading good deeds.

For the nutrition product company Herbalife Vietnam, contributing to a healthier generation is deemed a mission rather than merely an act of goodwill to the community. Over the years, the company has therefore set aside resources for the wellbeing of the community, not only underprivileged people but the general public as well.

As a responsible organization, besides focusing on being purpose-led and returns-driven, Frasers Property is well aware to create lasting shared value, for people, businesses and communities. Frasers Property’s Community Investment is the Group-wide umbrella for all of Frasers Property’s social impact initiatives in over 70 cities and 20 countries globally, and is the solid foundation that allows them to accompany and support their wider business community.

Just one week after severe flash floods on October 2, 2022 swept though several neighborhoods in Ky Son District in the north-central province of Nghe An, PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) sent a team to the affected communes to help ease people’s sufferings. The PVFCCo team, in the spirit of sharing, made donations in kind and in cash worth VND122 million in total to the hardest-hit people in two communes in the district.

For many enterprises, corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities are an integral part of their business strategies as they want to hrive together with the community. Numerous businesses pursue environmental protection with their CSR programs, many choose to support education or healthcare for the wellbeing of the community, while others target sci-tech development for the general advancement of society.

Vietnam Australia School (VAS) is the largest bilingual international school in HCMC with a long history of 18 years, and an impressive number of achievements and scholarships won by its students in Vietnamese and international exams. VAS is also known as a school that nurtures core values for future generations.

As a premier life insurance brand from Japan, the success of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam over the past 15 years has been reflected not only in its sustainable growth figures, in the trust of more than four million Vietnamese customers and their families, but also in its incessant contribution to the community.

Identified as one of the four key pillars at Joint-stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV), corporate social responsibility (CSR) is put at the core of the bank’s business philosophy and is upheld by BIDV executives and employees. The lender, from the bottom of its heart, has been ceaselessly implementing CSR practices to spread love for and kindness towards the community.

Since its very first days in Vietnam, NS BlueScope has attached much importance to CSR activities. Its CSR activities are diversified, including contributing to the community and the green and safe environment, supporting its partners to improve their competitiveness and produce green and environmentally friendly products, and creating a safe and happy working environment for its employees.

At Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company (PNJ), responsible business is considered a guiding compass for its operation. The jewelry maker has developed its business philosophy of considering the benefits of customers and society as its gains.


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