Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are enterprises’ business morality commitments and their contributions to socioeconomic development and environmental protection.


Meeting the society’s
demands, improving
social welfare,
and ensuring the
existence and
development of


Fulfilling legal
commitments to the
relevant stakeholders,
including shareholders,
consumers and
families of laborers.


Behaviors and
activities that the
society expects from
enterprises and that
are not regulated
by law.


Conducting activities
showing the desire
to contribute to the
community and the


CSR 2023

May - November 2023

Promoting CSR activities
of the participating

November 2023

Publishing the Saigon
Times CSR 2023

November 15, 2023

Saigon Times CSR 2023
Merit Ceremony
& Seminar
“Sustainability and Beyond”


Promoting CSR activities of the participating enterprises (May - November 2023)

• Stories about CSR activities of the participating businesses will be published in the Saigon Times Group’s publications in forms such as articles, videos, infographics and longform.
• Interested businesses should send their CSR stories or information to
• Your CSR stories will appear on our news websites at and

Publishing the Saigon Times CSR 2023 supplement
November 2023

• Encouraging the community spirit
• Establishing the CSR community to honor and promote activities of enterprises in Vietnam


Stakeholders in Sustainability

• The environment is the first thing that crosses our mind when it comes to sustainability discussions. It reminds us of climate change, renewable energy and biodiversity. But the reference shapes a misguided perception of the human factor as a non-essential component of sustainable development. Instead, “People” serve as one of the three pillars in the 3P model of sustainability, in addition to “Planet” and “Profit”.
• The 3Ps are closely related to the aspects of society, the environment and economy, or a trendy framework of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). In this regard, the social factor seems to receive less attention, if not the least, in comparison to the public’s emphasis on the notions of “the environment” and “economy” in sustainable efforts.
• In reality, however, addressing environmental concerns requires a people-centric approach that takes into account all relevant factors. More importantly, the pathway toward sustainable growth should be a multifaceted, comprehensive endeavor that needs the participation of the community as a whole.


Stakeholders in Sustainability

• This was exactly what we strived for during the Saigon Times CSR program last year, as we worked to support companies in their social responsibility efforts, notably in education, healthcare and climate change.
• In 2023, the Saigon Times CSR program will come under the theme “Sustainability and Beyond” as we once again advocate the movement toward sustainability with the goal of putting people at the center of any solution. “No one is left behind” in our journey.
• A seminar themed “Stakeholders in Sustainability” will be held as part of the Saigon Times CSR 2023 program to address the human factor in sustainable development. The discussions will focus on the letter S, which stands for “social” in the key pillars that comprise the ESG framework.


Stakeholders in Sustainability

• The panelists will give insights into the impacts of business operations on individuals and communities, and explore ways to make sure no one will be left behind as society moves toward sustainable growth.
• The seminar will be structured as follows. The first section will focus on inspiring stories and recommendations for the long-term growth of human resources in businesses. The second section will shed light on corporate responsibility to the employees of business partners within supply chains.
• Meanwhile, the third section will delve into corporate responsibility to the clients, whereas the last section will focus on corporate responsibility to the local community.



President (Vietnam), Real Estate, Keppel Corporation


General Director of Acecook Vietnam


Sustainability Director of DUYTAN Recycling

Mr. John Ditty

Managing Partner, KPMG Vietnam


General Director of i.Value Corporation,
Member of the Management Board
of Startup Vietnam Foundation (SVF)



Đón khách – Greeting


Khai mạc chương trình – Opening

Giới thiệu Chương trình Saigon Times CSR 2023 – Introducing the Saigon Times CSR 2023 program

Tọa đàm “Phát triển bền vững và xa hơn”

Seminar “Sustainability and beyond”

Vinh danh, trao chứng nhận cho các doanh nghiệp tham gia Saigon Times CSR 2023

Presenting certificates of recognition to the businesses participating in the Saigon Times CSR 2023 program

Vinh danh, trao chứng nhận cho các doanh nghiệp tham gia Saigon Times CSR trong 5 năm liên tiếp (2019-2023)

Presenting certificates of recognition to the businesses participating in the Saigon Times CSR for five consecutive years (2019-2023)

Tặng hoa và thư cám ơn cho các đơn vị đồng hành chương trình Saigon Times CSR 2023

Giving flowers and thank-you letters to sponsors of the Saigon Times CSR 2023 program

Tiệc trưa – Luncheon


Kết thúc chương trình – Closing


The operation of the DUYTAN Plastic Recycling marks a new phase in the country's recycling industry, with a production capacity of up to 100,000 tons per year. DUYTAN's development not only helps reduce the amount of imported plastic raw materials but also contributes to minimizing pollution caused by plastic waste, making a significant contribution to the country's environmental pollution reduction efforts due to plastic waste. On the path of construction and development, DUYTAN always integrates its business goals with social responsibility, aiming for sustainable development and creating value for the community. DUYTAN's activities for the community extend beyond the regions with the company's projects and reach every corner of the homeland.

As a leading company in the construction materials market in Southern Vietnam, INSEE recognizes its responsibility in focusing on social responsibility and environmental protection strategies. In this regard, projects aimed at collectively offsetting carbon for a sustainable future are always emphasized and maintained. Furthermore, to ensure the practicality of community activities, INSEE collaborates closely with relevant local stakeholders to identify their needs for annual and long-term social responsibility activities, while closely monitoring during and after the implementation of these activities. With all the efforts that have been, are being, and will be made, INSEE aims to spread the message of 'Building a Resilient Life,' working together to construct a prosperous, sustainable, and safe society.

After 15 years of steadfast operation, Cathay Life Vietnam, guided by the principle of 'Sowing Seeds Today for a Prosperous Future,' demonstrates this commitment in all aspects, from products and services to community support activities. They place a strong emphasis on educational development with numerous scholarship programs for students across the country and organize various volunteer programs for different target groups in different provinces and cities. The success of Cathay Life is also a result of society's contributions and support. Therefore, Cathay Life always recognizes the need to give back to society, which is both a goal and a voluntary responsibility they have set for themselves.

NS BlueScope Vietnam has spent 30 years solidifying its presence in Vietnam as one of the pioneering companies in research and development (R&D) of breakthrough technologies for the steel market. Simultaneously, the company consistently seeks ways to contribute to the sustainable development of the community, viewing corporate social responsibility and sustainable development activities as core values and a business principle to sustain the continuous growth of NS BlueScope Vietnam, integrating them into the company's development strategy.

Established in 2008, Hanwha Life Vietnam has now entered its 15th year of business operations in Vietnam. Guided by the motto 'If we go together, we will go further,' Hanwha Life Vietnam has continuously strived to fulfill its corporate social responsibility by implementing several meaningful community projects. The company has organized numerous free healthcare programs and community health initiatives, as well as carried out various scholarship programs and gift-giving initiatives for underprivileged students, contributing to improving learning conditions for future generations. These activities not only reflect Hanwha Life Vietnam's commitment to the community but also actively contribute to creating a beautiful living environment and supporting the sustainable development of Vietnam.

Digiworld's enduring goal has always been to be a business that develops for the community. At the age of 25, in order to achieve this goal and fulfill its mission, Digiworld continues to tirelessly promote meaningful programs that contribute to the overall development of the community and society, fully meeting the criteria of 'Fast - Effective - Targeted, and Timely' set by the company. In the future, Digiworld and its partnering entities will continue to 'cultivate green sprouts' and increasingly deliver even more valuable contributions to individuals, communities, and society.

With the core values of the three words 'Happy': Happy Consumer, Happy Employees và Happy Society, Acecook Vietnam is committed to ensuring the quality and food safety of its products, while delivering nutritious products to Vietnamese consumers. Furthermore, the company always strives to create added value to enhance the position of the instant noodle industry, actively sponsors and organizes charitable activities, and environmental initiatives to contribute to making Vietnamese society even better.

P&G is a global and leading consumer goods company that has been in operation for over 180 years across 70 countries. For generations, we’ve challenged the norm and inspired the future—from the products we put on the shelf to the people we bring on our team. Our purpose is to improve consumers’ lives in small but meaningful ways, and it inspires our people to make a positive contribution every day. Starting in 1995 as one of the first US enterprises coming to Vietnam soon after the normalization of relations between the two countries, we have become a familiar name to Vietnamese consumers through one of the strongest portfolios of trusted, quality, leadership brands. Believing in the power of our people and brands, we strive to build a more equal and inclusive world, protect our planet and continue to create significant impacts for communities, to be a Force For Good, a Force for Growth.

As a humane life insurance company, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam always ensures a harmonious balance between sustainable business growth and social responsibility through activities and initiatives that support the community, with a total contribution of over 60 billion Vietnamese dong over the past 16 years, spanning four areas: healthcare, education, environment, and social philanthropy. With a commitment to "Long-lasting companionship," Dai-ichi Life Vietnam continuously strives to deliver humane values to its customers and families, positive changes to the community, and contribute to the development of the country's economy and society, all for a better life for the people of Vietnam.

PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (PVCFC) is a company operating in the field of agriculture with a mission to contribute to ensuring the fertilizer supply and food security by pioneering in providing nutritional solutions for crops. Since its establishment in 2011, PVCFC has achieved significant successes in both its business operations and community activities. Focusing on sustainable development as a core objective and sharing benefits with the community, Ca Mau Fertilizer has implemented various social programs to assist those in need and create positive values for the community over the past 12 years.

In its 46-year journey of formation and development, Binh Minh Plastics takes pride in being a leading company in the Plastic and Building Materials industry in Vietnam. Besides continually implementing green transformation efforts and taking responsibility for the environment in its production and business activities, Binh Minh Plastics is actively involved in social responsibility activities. Specifically, in just the first six months of 2023, Binh Minh Plastics has carried out community-related activities with a total value of nearly 450 million Vietnamese dong. With these activities, once again, Binh Minh Plastics has demonstrated its sustained efforts in realizing ESG commitments. It is also a call to society and the community to collaborate with Binh Minh Plastics in carrying out even more meaningful projects.

For over a decade in Vietnam, Central Retail has consistently strived for sustainable development, not limited to its business activities but extending its reach through initiatives focusing on the environment and the community. In Vietnam, Central Retail has made efforts to organize meaningful activities aimed at sharing and contributing to the community, assisting those in need, and working together to improve an equitable education system for everyone. This aligns with Central Retail's vision of contributing to the prosperity of Vietnam and enhancing the quality of life for the Vietnamese people.

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of its operations, Herbalife Nutrition has committed to implementing a series of community-oriented initiatives to create value and improve the lives of those in difficult circumstances. In its CSR journey, Herbalife Vietnam will continue to do good for children, the underprivileged, and contribute to creating a cleaner and healthier living environment for all.

Throughout its 35 years of establishment and development, in addition to its effective business operations, PNJ has continuously fulfilled its responsibility to the community through numerous meaningful activities. Specifically, the company has contributed billions of Vietnamese dong to the state budget, aiding millions of disadvantaged individuals through community responsibility initiatives. Notable among these activities are the 'Zero-Dong Mini Supermarket' chain, which supported hundreds of thousands of people during the pandemic, and the 'Companion Overcoming Hardships' program, which provided assistance to nearly 3,000 pregnant women in remote areas. Through these efforts, PNJ affirms its pioneering role in community activities and takes pride in maintaining its leading position in the Vietnamese jewelry industry.

With a focus on sustainable development and an emphasis on the circular economy model and CSR implementation, Nestlé Vietnam has undertaken various community-oriented activities, such as vocational training for rural labor, income improvement, and better livelihoods for coffee farmers. Additionally, the company places special attention on environmental protection through pollution reduction initiatives. It can be said that Nestlé Vietnam has demonstrated its corporate responsibility towards the community and society through numerous practical and specific activities.

With the operating philosophy of 'Together for the Community,' Generali Vietnam has implemented numerous social activities, collaborating with other organizations to inaugurate new, well-equipped kitchens and organize a Mid-Autumn Festival for underprivileged children in Hanoi, with funding from Generali Vietnam's annual charity fund. Furthermore, Generali also provides meals to impoverished students and aims to construct more meaningful projects in the future. Through these efforts, Generali Vietnam demonstrates its commitment to the community and spreads a spirit of compassion in society.

"After over two decades of operation in Vietnam, Keppel's business narrative is no longer confined to revenue and profit goals. The journey so far has been long enough for this company to understand and create a sustainable ecosystem for the community. The core values of the sustainable ecosystem that Keppel has established globally and in Vietnam focus on the environment, educational support, and contributions to society, aligning with the company's CSR direction. In all its activities, Keppel collaborates with partners to create shared value, contributing to society, while ensuring the long-term success of the company and aligning with the government's sustainable development goals.

Established in 2003, the development journey of the PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) has spanned two decades and achieved a leading position in the Vietnamese fertilizer industry. In parallel with its focus on business aspects, PVFCCo has also implemented numerous programs and projects to support education, build social infrastructure, protect the environment, and improve the quality of life for the community. By combining social responsibility with strong business capabilities, PVFCCo has made positive contributions to the country's development, encapsulating its spirit in a mission: 'The journey of connecting and developing the community.'

As a multinational real estate conglomerate with responsibility, Frasers Property carries the mission of Creating Space, Inspiring Lives with the philosophy of making things beautiful. Frasers Property continuously undertakes meaningful actions for the community and society in the locations where the conglomerate operates. Every year in November, Frasers Property typically organizes large-scale volunteer campaigns focused on the community. These initiatives include collaborating with healthcare institutions to organize blood donation drives and providing support to flood-affected communities in the aftermath of natural disasters. A healthy community leads to sustainable lives, and a responsible enterprise must walk hand in hand with society, adhering to the mission of inspiring lives and creating beauty. Frasers Property asserts its commitment to doing good and making a positive impact for the community it nurtures.

Binh Son Refining and Petrochemical Joint Stock Company (BSR) is a leading enterprise in the oil refining sector in Vietnam. In addition to its significant contributions to the national budget and ensuring energy security for the country, BSR actively carries out social welfare programs, supporting the construction of healthcare and educational infrastructure in various regions, especially in remote and underprivileged areas. The company allocates tens of billions of Vietnamese dong each year to community activities, contributing to improving the lives of the people. BSR exemplifies the role of a key enterprise, the flagship of the Vietnamese oil refining industry."

The GrabConnect project is a meaningful initiative launched by Grab in 2021, aimed at connecting high-quality seasonal agricultural produce, especially fruits, from the farms to end-users through a technology platform. Leveraging its extensive network of partners nationwide, Grab facilitates the delivery of agricultural products directly to consumers, while also opening up new, stable distribution channels for farmers. This project supports cooperatives and growers to boost their businesses and benefit from the digital economy. In 2023 alone, the GrabConnect project has contributed to the consumption of nearly 700 tons of fruits on GrabMart.

PetroVietnam Technical Services Corporation (PTSC) is one of the leading petroleum enterprises in Vietnam, providing a wide range of services in the oil and gas exploration, exploitation, and transportation sector. With the motto 'Energy for Life,' PTSC is deeply aware of its role and responsibility to the community. Every year, PTSC allocates a substantial budget for social welfare activities, such as constructing schools, bridges, granting scholarships to diligent, underprivileged students, and organizing free medical check-up and treatment campaigns. These tangible contributions have helped transform the local landscape, providing opportunities for children to attend school, improving their lives, and spreading the spirit of mutual assistance and compassion within the community.

As a "House of Excellence" and a commitment to sustainable development, VAS is committed to providing world-class education quality and nurturing the "green generation" - global citizens who care about the environment and the community. Every year, VAS participates in hundreds of meaningful environmental and community projects with a total value of contribution of nearly 1 billion VND and organizes dozens of inspirational programs for all VASers, such as: VAS Talks, VAS Community, 3Rs Projects, VAS Green Day Run… For four consecutive years, VAS has been honored with the "Community-Oriented Business" award by Saigon Times for its positive contributions to society and the environment. Explore VAS's Cambridge international academic pathways at: or call 0911 26 77 55.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the steel construction industry, Pebsteel has become the preferred choice for many businesses and investors when selecting a partner for constructing manufacturing plants, warehouses, and steel structural projects in Vietnam and worldwide. This is due to its outstanding solutions and manufacturing capabilities that meet all evaluation criteria. In line with its development process, Pebsteel firmly believes that there is nothing more meaningful than contributing to society, and it is committed to maximizing benefits for the community. Since its establishment, the company has made significant efforts to support the community, especially in renovating schools in impoverished areas from the North to the South, sponsoring clean water projects, and providing scholarships to outstanding students at universities across the country. Maintaining its social responsibility remains a central goal for Pebsteel.

Gamuda Land is one of the prominent names in the real estate market in Vietnam. Thanks to efforts and dedication, Gamuda Land has succeeded in building international standard ecological real estate projects along with contributing to community benefits through practical activities such as organizing programs "Run for the Heart" program aims to raise funds to sponsor free heart surgery for poor children across the country, expanding job opportunities for autistic youth through the Build Right For Life (BRFL) program, etc. With the orientation of being a highly responsible town maker, Gamuda Land always sees itself as an inseparable member of the community, needing to contribute to development for the benefit of society, and that will always be a top priority throughout the company's operations.

Having evolved and developed for over 17 years, TTC Hospitality has consistently dedicated itself to the mission of collaborating with the local community to create sustainable and eco-friendly tourism products and services. Specifically, TTC Hospitality frequently engages in community-oriented activities such as offering scholarships to students in areas where the company operates, organizing the "Sow Love" program every August, which includes tree planting activities and supporting the elderly, orphaned children, and others in need. With the motto "For the community, for local development," TTC Hospitality relentlessly strives to provide meaningful and practical social welfare activities with the aim of enhancing the quality of life for local residents.

As a company specializing in natural ingredient-based health and beauty products, Siberian Wellness is committed to the long-term preservation and protection of the Earth's green vitality. Through practical initiatives, Siberian Wellness has made a significant impact on the community through projects focused on the environment, people, and society, such as the "Eco Project – Give your 100ha for our planet" and the "A book, a tree" project. "Siberian Wellness - Truly Natural, Truly Creative, For the Community" is bathe guiding principle that the company unwaveringly pursues in all its activities.

Giving back to the community is part of Home Credit Vietnam’s corporate culture. The company has over the years focused on developing projects that create a lasting impact by fostering social inclusion, building resilience, and helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds access new opportunities.


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